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Dec 30, 2020

Episode 140. Tip a 40 to 2020!  Covid is still lurking,  gen z struggles to keep that minimalist energy, and the covid money is a coming. Vibes from Xavier & Sango, and our main topic, taking action in the new year.

Damn we grown!

Dec 23, 2020

Episode 139! Merry Christmas y'all.  We have a special guest joining us for a third time.  The little queen diva Ms. Maddi Drew. She shares her vibes from V.i.C, and joins us to discuss a few of our Christmas favorites.

Damn we grown!

Dec 16, 2020

Episode 138! Jesus turned water into Stella Rosa.  We're tired of Elf on the shelf.  Ashanti called in sick.  Black fishing by Ivy Park,  Vibes from Nas, and the main topic,  dealing with social differences.

Damn we grown!

Dec 9, 2020

Episode 137! Marshmello + yams = people who vote for trump.  Costco is Toys R Us for grown folks.  Santas making more than only fans, giuliani got that rona, a husband walks 280 miles to blow off steam. Vibes from Sergio Mendes, and the main topic,  a disrespectful dating coach and the need for self love.

Damn we...

Dec 2, 2020

Episode 136! When is the last time you got your ears cleaned?  Egg Nog is the devil.  No more babies, we're back on lock down, vibes from Terrace Martin, and the main topic, tis' the season in the covid era.

Damn we grown!