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May 20, 2020

Episode 120! We're talkin' watermelon stereotypes, a new grown moment.  Blu gets a stylist, round 2 for the stimulus check. Vibes from Moses Sumney.  And the main topic, gentrify our own block, or move to the burbs?

Damn we grown!




May 13, 2020

Episode 119! Tiff has a case of the juicy mouths.  A perfect day for Mothers.  The loss of three titans, the "you got me" story, ice cream bastards, vibes from Penthouse Penthouse.  And the main topic, picking your mate... on accident... for life?

Damn we grown!

May 6, 2020

Episode 118 y'all.   We're talkin' protesting hiting our home town? Chris wins big on Netflix.  Last episode we put the energy into the universe and God answered the call.  Jill Scott verzuz Erykah Badu is going down this Saturday, but we still want to battle this thing out. Introducing  our very own bootleg verzuz....