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Jul 25, 2018

Guess what day it is?  It's our anniversary.  It's a free for all episode with vibes from H.E.R.

Dam We Grown!

Dam We Grown

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Apr 17, 2018

Episode 49 again kind of. We're talkin' Lazy vegetarians, should we leave America with Charlize?  Singers vs Sangerz, Beychella and the new pledges, jet setting for black woman 101, we told y'all about facebook back in November, vibes from Angie Fisher, and the main topic how to tell that they're not single.   Dam...

Apr 9, 2018

Episode 49! We're almost to 50 baby we're talkin' when keeping it fake goes wrong, Jaimie Foxx is from the future, learning racism at the right age, Cardi gotta get her Beyonce on, vibes from H.I.M, and the main topic the moment we became grown.   Dam We Grown!

Dam We Grown

Apr 3, 2018

Episode 48! Every weekend is lit (if you're 4), flip phones are still in existence, knocking up billionaires, R.Kelly loves the kids, Stacey Dash bows out, vibes from Moses Sumney, and the main topic would you change your looks to please your spouse.  Dam We Grown!

Dam We Grown

Mar 27, 2018

Episode 47 is poppin' y'all! Mike mite need to get that wedding ring resized, is it washing powder or laundry detergent?  Killer Mike is trippin', the ages of peak performance, vibes from 1500 or Nothin', and the main topic an email from an in love but confused listener.  Dam We Grown!

Dam We Grown