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Sep 30, 2020


Episode 129! Late night podcasting yall.  Reggie Hayes from "Girlfriends" didn't get any more work?  We pay more than trump, and the ring takes flight. Vibes from Yellopain, and the main topic,  taking time for yourself.

Damn we grown!

Sep 9, 2020


Episode 128! Mike doesn't dye his beard.  Cali stays on fire, record highs in LA, Charlie and the chocolate factory in real life. Toasting with The Walking Dead, and vibes from Alex Isley. The main topic,  I wish my parents would have taught me that.

Damn we grown!

Aug 26, 2020

Right at the beginning of the corona crisis Mike + Tiff get invited to guest on the We Come From Bad News podcast. Pull up !

Damn we grown!




Aug 13, 2020

Episode 127! Mike turns 40 and admits he is a millennial.  Boomers vs millennials, Trump lies for the millionth time, and finally some good news about that rona.  Vibes from Childish Gambino, and the main topic.  It's time to get healthy.

Damn we grown!

Aug 5, 2020

Episode 126! You thought we were gone, but we ain't never leaving!  We're talkin' Netflix back to the blackity black 90's, legendary Leos, Black is King, fire season is here.  Vibes from B.K Habermehl, and the main topic.  Who would you be in the opposite dimension?

Damn we grown!