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Mar 28, 2019

Who Got The Popcorn? First we watch the trailer, then we watch the movie, then we record the podcast! On episode 1 Mike and Tiff dive into "Us" right in the theater parking lot.  Did Jordan Peele do it again? Let's talk about it!!!


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Mar 27, 2019

Episode 89! Happy birthday Aretha.  Tiff gives out grandma quizes, new podcast alert, "Who Got the Popcorn"  is our new movie review podcast droping Thursday and our first review is "Us". Jussie is free, Wendy has a relapse,  measles outbreak in New York? Vibes from Lecrae, and our main topic, does money...

Mar 13, 2019

Episode 88! Everybody has an Uncle Junebug.  Tiff ballin' with the deaf,  our new movie review podcast coming soon, 60 years for telling a lie, is it illegal to film the police in Chicago? Vibes from 2 Chainz, and our main topic, are people of color sexually repressed?

Dam We Grown


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